A one-stop solution for all your gardening needs

acacia garden center

A one-stop solution for all your gardening needs

Acacia Garden Center is presently one of the largest garden centres in the UAE

Located in Al Warsan, Dubai, Acacia Garden Center (AGC) first opened its doors for business in 2010 and, covering a total area of 65,000 square feet, is presently one of the largest garden centres in the UAE. Al Warsan district is a Dubai Municipality-allocated trading zone for natural plants and garden accessories, making it an ideal location for the gigantic new garden centre.

Acacia Garden Center’s products not only cater to home-owners interested in nurturing and improving their gardens but also has the capacity to meet the demands of small and medium-sized enterprises. The garden centre offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor plants, outdoor furniture, fountains, landscaping products, accessories and planters. Among its vast collection of greenery, it uniquely offers matured ornamental trees complying with BS [British Standard] 3936 1 : 1992 for landscaping applications. The trees have been acclimatised to the local climate and under good care generally fare very well in the desert environment.

For customers interested in growing delicious fruit trees in their gardens, the garden centre offers a range of different varieties to choose from, including mango, numerous types of citrus, sapadilla, fig, guava and the local Sidr tree that bears the Jujube fruit. Most of the trees have been carefully imported from India, Thailand and Europe. Deserving an entire category of its own are Acacia Garden Center’s olive trees that are available in a wide range of different heights and forms, including the wildly popular multi-trunk and Bonsai.

Acacia Garden Center also specialises in a comprehensive range of high-quality and beautiful planters made from fiberclay, GRP, GRC, concrete, ceramic and terra-cotta, for both indoor and outdoor purposes. In its collection, AGC also markets elegant high-grade planters from the exclusive European brands Capi Europe, LUCA and Classico.

Whether one is a beginner, a part-time hobbyist, an aficionado or a seasoned gardener, there is something of interest for every customer at Acacia Garden Center. For more information, visit www.acaciagardencenter.com


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